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Safety Helmet
Safety helmet is a type of hard hat majorly used in workplace such as industrial or construction sites to protect the skull from injury due to falling objects, impact with other objects, debris, rain, and electric shock.
Ear Muff
Vastly used by people to avoid the affects of fluctuating air pressure during their flights, these Ear Muff are very reliable to cancel out the unwanted sound. The product is retractable, soft, standard folding, and adjustable.
Safety Goggles
Safety gloves are kind of protective eye wear that enclose or protect the area around your eye in order to prevent chemicals, water or particulates from hitting the eyes. They are used in chemistry laboratories and in woodworking.
Breathing Apparatus
Offered along with a digital gauge Breathing Apparatus is of great importance in the surrounding where the oxygen and other important air composition is scarce. We make finest grade of these apparatus which is used globally for various activities.
Safety Shoes
Safety shoes made by Taheri Enterprises are available in different colors and designs. Customers can pick upon from a wide range and these shoes are durable. It has a protective reinforcement for your feet.
Body Protection Suits
Body Protection Suits made by Taheri Enterprises are widely in demand due to their unmatchable finishing and applications. These suits are used in different kinds of work areas as they are harmful gas, oil proof, electrical shock proof, acid & alkali, and fireproof.
Road Safety Products
Road safety products are basically tools and equipment used for the safety on roads. These products are generally of bright colors which makes their visibility even more vibrant and clear at night.
Lockout Tagout Products
Lockout Tag out Products offered by Taheri Enterprises are leading items in export market for their fine finished structure which is available in different size. The product is used as an information piece hung on door knobs and are widely used by hospitality sector.
Fire Blankets
Customers can avail high graded Fire Blankets which can be customized and are available in various colors. The product proves to be very efficient in fighting against fire successfully. The material used in making these product is 100% fiber glass.
Industrial Hazard Safety Equipment
Industrial Hazard Safety Equipment are made up of different kinds of materials like plastic, rubber, steel and iron. The composition of these products makes them reliable for their application and helping them to provide high level of safety in emerging situations.
Gas Detectors
Gas detectors offered by Taheri Enterprises are very useful tool for various industries. The product helps to detect emergencies when the gas percentage is dangerous in the environment. It has a screen to monitor the percentage and count of harmful gas.
Heat Resistant Fabrics
Heat Resistant Fabrics are widely in demand for their distinct feature of being fire proof. The fabric has high thermal stability and commendable insulation endurance. The fabric can be availed in various colors and size as per the requirement.
Industrial Ladders
Industrial Ladders are made using finest wood or metals and have very high capability to endure heavy weight without failure. The product is used to reach high heights and are rust resistant.
Clean Room Products
Available in air tight containers or drums, Clean Room Products are very helpful and effective In cleaning and maintaining your rooms or any of your surrounding corner. These cleaning liquids or chemicals are well tested made sure that they do not harm the user in any way.
Safety Nets
Safety nets are crafted to deflect or absorb the energy of a fall so they save the person being injured. It allow people to work at height without restricting their movement. The threads of the net are strong enough to bear the heavy weight.
Fire Fighting Equipments
Fire Fighting Equipments are highly in demand by fire fighting crew and various industries to fight against unwanted fire accidents. The product has commendable insulation and are fire proof which makes sure the safety of the user.
Tig Mig Torches
The TIG and Mig process makes use of an electric torch, and the welder hand feeds filler rod into the molten puddle. The product also has a regulator that regulated the main functioning.
Gas Manifolds
Gas Manifolds are of great significant throughout the oil and gas industries, for equal distribution of gases and fluids. The product is designed to converge numerous junctions into a single channel or diverge a single channel into multiple junctions.
Welding Accessories
Welding accessories made by Taheri Enterprises include all the tools required during the welding activity. The tools are high graded and used in repairing of the entire welding equipment predominantly.
Welding Equipments
Welding equipment delivered by Taheri Enterprises are highly demanded for their unbeatable performance. They are tough and strong enough to weld even the hard metal sheets or iron frames and are durable.
Emergency Lights
Taheri Enterprises offers variety of range to pick upon in Emergency Lights. These lights are used for the purpose of exit access, which includes only designated stairs, aisles, corridors, ramps, and escalators to a defined public way.
Hardware Tools
Hardware Tools manufactured by Taheri Enterprises are known for their quality and their numerous applications. The tool box offered under this category is made up of high graded stainless steel and are spacious enough to accommodate all sorts of tools in it.
Impact Spanners
Impact Spanners are basically used to tighten or loosed the screws and nuts or even sockets in machinery and automotive. The product is made using stainless steel which makes it durable and rust resistant.
Safety Tapes
Safety tapes comes in different vibrant and bright colors which are reliable for industrial identification, bundling, aisle marking, color coding, flagging applications along with marking an area's perimeter.
Metal Detector
A great medium of locating along with preventing the spread of dangerous items like handguns or knives is the portable metal detector. The product is security metal detectors and majorly used in car parking and airports.
Welding Curtain
Welding curtains are generally used by welders who use it perform welding in the vicinity of other workers. With the help of a welding screen the amount of dangerous UV light reduces that other workers are exposed to during the welding.
Industrial Wrench
Used globally to tighten or loosen up the nuts and screws, Industrial Wrench is made up of qualitative steel and iron. The product is majorly used by plumbers and is variable in various dimensions and sizes.
Welding rod comprises of the same material that the base metals are made up of and a flux supports the welding process when in use. The rods are typically held by an electrode holder which is used to shield the welder from electric current created during process.
Industrial Clothings
Available in different bright colors and having high insulation, Industrial Clothing’s are used worldwide in making uniforms of different sectors and are welcomed by industries due to their capability and endurance to fight against external conditions.

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